Helpdesk Change History:

Version 4.3.72 - April 15, 2021 (expand all)* indicates Administrator Only item.

    1. Increased file attachment upload limit from 10 MB to 25 MB.
    2. Staff can enter multiple device IDs separated by commas when creating new tickets in the staff portal.
    3. Disabled projects have been removed from the quick jump pull down on the project details page.
    4. Ticket, Contract, Hardware and Software templates can now be deleted.
    5. Added the subject of an email to the first action when creating a ticket with Email to Ticket.
    6. Added vendor information to the contract reminder notification.
    7. Contract System Enhancements   (more)
    8. Search Enhancements   (more)
    9. *Added a setting to set the default inventory tag type when adding new asset tags to a hardware item.
    10. *Added a notes field to the student record.
  • FIXED:
    1. Fixed issue where contract reminders did not send for users with contract login accounts.
    2. Fixed issue where tickets created via email were sometimes pulling the wrong from address to place in the first action.
    3. Fixed issue where users responding to a request response with an apostrophe in their name had a second one added in the first action.

Version 4.3.28 - December 4, 2020 (expand all)

    1. Improved the performance of the ticket landing page.
  • FIXED:
    1. Fixed issue where formatting of the number of ticket actions not displaying properly on the project details page.
    2. Fixed issue where the Contract Tabs on some projects would break occasionally preventing viewing/adding/updating of related contracts.
    3. Fixed issue where an 'empty' link would sometimes unintentionally be created when updating links on tickets, projects, contracts, knowledgebase, hardware, and/or software.
    4. Fixed issue where ticket actions would incorrectly filter out certain change summary actions.
    5. Fixed issue where a newly created swap ticket would sometimes have a higher than zero completion percentage.
    6. Fixed issue where the incorrect ticket ID was used in the actions portlet for swap tickets.
    7. Fixed issue where when adding/updating a contract would error if the quantity field contained a comma.
    8. Fixed issue where priority text color was not automatically adjusting on the project detail Active/Closed ticket tabs.
    9. Fixed issue where projects could not be updated if the Active or Closed Tickets Tab was shown.
    10. Fixed issue where contract reminders did not display the correct district name.
    11. Fixed issue where disabled support groups would still be shown in the 'Filter Group' pulldowns.
    12. Fixed issue where technicians were not filtered properly on the landing page.
    13. Fixed issue where technicians hours were not always properly calculated on the landing page.
    14. *Fixed issue where adding a new external district would incorrectly indicate an error occurred when there was not one.
    15. *Fixed issue where Contract Sub-Types could not be modified.
    16. *Fixed issue where other Helpdesk Instance names were sometimes not decoded properly in the Swap Ticket Admin page.
    17. *Fixed issue where the incorrect modified by technician was listed on the Ticket Template Admin page.

Version 4.3.0 - May 3, 2020 (expand all)

    1. Added a preference to choose a default support group on the ticket landing page.
    2. Added link to Contract Details page on Contract Reminder Notifications.
    3. Updated AD Powered Staff Portal to require LDAPS.
    4. Added number of days until overdue on Contract Reminder Notifications.
    5. Moved Preferences, Personal Templates, and Change Password to a subsection named 'User Settings' under the 'Settings' navigation.
    6. Priority text color for Tickets and Projects will now auto adjust for readability based on the background color chosen for that priority.
    7. Saved Auto Drafts for ticket and project actions can now be cleared using the cancel button.
    8. Ticket Type and Sub-Type columns have been added to the ticket landing page.
    9. Updated the Request Response UI to match the Helpdesk style.
    10. Security Enhancements (Technician Login)   (more)
    11. Complete Search Rebuild   (more)
  • FIXED:
    1. Fixed issue where re-ordering columns on the landing page would confuse the column visibility settings.
    2. Fixed issue where auto select of building and room was preventing new hardware from being added.
    3. Fixed issue where duplicate staff portal tickets were created via double clicking the submit button.
    4. Fixed issue where scanning hardware was broken if no tag types were enabled.
    5. Fixed issue where Action Sub-Types were sometimes not loading correctly.
    6. Fixed issue where Staff Portal link was sometimes left off requestor notifications.
    7. Fixed issue where Project action Auto Draft date and time did not display properly.
    8. Fixed issue where Quotes were sometimes not saving properly in title fields.
    9. Fixed issue where Contract Service Description was not displaying.
    10. Fixed issue where cloning a project would cause an error.
    11. Fixed issue where the contract tab would not always initialize correctly.
    12. Fixed issue where ticket print would error for a swapped ticket.
    13. Fixed issue where the name of the requestor would sometimes be omitted from a notification.
    14. Fixed issue where ability to share file attachments in swapped tickets was sometimes improperly disabled.
    15. Fixed issue where project actions did not properly respect line breaks.

Version 4.2.58 - May 31, 2019 (expand all)

    1. Scan Functionality for Hardware   (more)
    2. Added 'Date Created' and 'Date Closed' columns to the ticket search and export pages.
    3. Related items for hardware and software items (Tickets, Projects, Contracts, other Hardware) will now open in a new browser tab.
    4. Added time stamp to the staff/external portal ticket actions.
    5. When Bulk Editing Inventory, the description/notes field will append changes instead of overwritting the value unless 'Overwrite' is selected.
  • FIXED:
    1. Fixed issue where a success notification would not show when updating technician preferences.
    2. Fixed issue where the staff portal would sometimes create duplicate tickets.
    3. Fixed issue where when hiding/re-ordering columns on the landing page other columns would be hidden even when there is enough room to display them.
    4. Fixed issue where it would display the wrong technician name on additional technician notifications when creating a new ticket.
    5. Fixed issue where when selecting a staff member when creating a new Hardware Item doesn't correctly select building and room.
    6. Fixed issue where edit action tooltips would not remove if the ticket details page is left open for a long period of time.
    7. Fixed issue when editing an action would fail to load said action into the edit form.
    8. Fixed issue where searching projects by external district did not return any results.

Version 4.2.0 - February 10, 2019 (expand all)

    1. Search/Export Enhancements   (more)
    2. Contract System Enhancements   (more)
    3. New Technician Preferences   (more)
    4. Navigation Changes   (more)
    5. Staff Portal Enhancements   (more)
    6. File attachments can now be flagged as important.
    7. Added a column on the landing page to indicate who last modified a ticket.
    8. Added External Requestor column to the ticket search for users using the External Portal.
    9. Added a printable ticket view for the staff portal.
    10. Individual Technicians can be collapsed on the Landing Page and the state will be retained.
    11. Added technician totals to technician headers on the Landing Page.
    12. Added the ability to print the details of all visible tickets on the landing page (from Export -> Print Detail).
    13. Cancel Buttons have been added to ticket, project, contract, knowledgebase, hardware and software detail pages.
    14. Expanded the Technician Preferences UI to allow for future preference additions.
    15. Empty Actions are now hidden in the Staff or External portal.
    16. Updated Wording for Request Response notifications to be clearer.
    17. *Added a setting to enable/disable Supervisor assignment. When enabled, requestors can be assigned a supervisor and that supervisor can view the tickets of those they supervise in the staff portal.
    18. *The Email To Ticket settings page now will display the unique email address used to convert emails to tickets.
  • FIXED:
    1. Issue where the column headers for the landing page would use the wrong offset on mobile screens.
    2. Issue where editing an action would not recognized changes in the case (ie a change from Upper Case to Lower Case was not recognized).
    3. Issue where Request Response actions were not formatting properly.
    4. Issue where GMAIL sourced emails used in conjunction with Email-To-Ticket were not formatting properly.
    5. Issue where responsively hidden columns were not being exported on the Search/Export Pages.
    6. Issue where date columns were not sorting properly in some search result tables.
    7. Issue where actions were sometimes hidden when loading ticket details.
    8. Issue where file attachments for Hardware/Software Items were not uploading properly.
    9. *Issue where occasionally saving a Hardware Template would cause an error.
    10. *Issue where the modified date was not displayed properly in the Ticket Template List.
    11. *Issue where External Portal requests were not sorting properly.
    12. *Issue where External Portal requests page was not refreshing after an approval/denial.

Version 4.1.47 - August 17, 2018 (expand all)

    1. All tables will now highlight the term you are searching for in real time.
    2. Added ability to assign a student to a hardware item for 1-1 programs.
    3. The ability to assign a student to a hardware item was extended to bulk hardware editing, cloning hardware, and hardware templates.
    4. *Added site preference to enable/disable assigning students to hardware items.
    5. *Added an admin page for student management under 'District & Staff' in the left hand admin navigation.
    6. *When editing a technician record the password is now hidden.
  • FIXED:
    1. Issue with auto-draft not clearing when using the 'Update and Return to List' button.
    2. Issue with auto-draft not displaying correct date of draft.
    3. Issue when change summaries not displaying in ticket actions properly.
    4. Issue where the project title would be hidden in search/export results when using a tablet.
    5. Issue where the '+' symbol would not always save properly in text data fields.
    6. Issue where email to ticket was not pulling in the proper sender.
    7. Issue where email to ticket was sometimes not pulling the body of the email into the first ticket action.
    8. Issue where notification footers would strip out certain HTML tags.
    9. Issue where changing a Hardware Category Type would prevent existing configurations from displaying.

Version 4.1.27 - April 6, 2018 (expand all)

    1. Ticket and Project actions will now 'auto-save' a draft version of any changes to an action. This is limited to the browser you are using and is reset after updating a project/ticket.
    2. The ability to link hardware to other hardware items (I.E. Link Chromebooks to a laptop cart or link all components of a modular switch)
    3. Device notes can now be used as an additional constraint when using the search to link specific hardware items to a ticket, contract, project, or hardware item.
    4. The results table for the hardware search has a 'Toggle All' button to toggle the selection of all visible items allowing for a quick way of linking a large group of hardware items to any to link to any ticket, project, contract, or hardware item.
    5. When creating a new hardware item, selecting a staff member will automatically select the building and room for that staff member (like when creating a new ticket).
    6. Added a column for technician in the Active Tickets and Closed Tickets tab on the project detail page.
    7. *Added the ability to clone a project.
  • FIXED:
    1. Issue where total hours for tickets and projects sometimes were not formatted to 2 decimal places.
    2. Issue where district requestors were not correctly selected in the project details page.

Version 4.1.13 - March 6, 2018 (expand all)

    1. *Added a site setting to set the default project when creating new tickets.
  • FIXED:
    1. Issue where adding an inventory sub-type from the BOCES for a district would not always work correctly.
    2. Issue where contract quantity did not validate as a number causing errors if anything but a number was inputed.
    3. Issue where links attached to items with long URLs would deform the link table.
    4. Removed leading/trailing spaces when using the quick ticket search.

Version 4.1.12 - January 17, 2018 (expand all)

  • FIXED:
    1. Issue where technician group filter on the landing page would not eliminate certain technicians if the 'Show All Groups' preference was enabled.
    2. Issue where sometimes swapped ticket modification dates were not accurately displayed.
    3. Issue when adding software to a hardware item, the software pull down would not populate.
    4. Issue where if Inventory is disabled, users can still create personal hardware/software templates.
    5. Issue where some widgets were not selectable from the add widget button.
    6. Issue where Knowledgebase articles did not sort properly by date created or date modified.
    7. Issue where Knowledgebase attachments did not upload properly.
    8. Other various minor bugs.

Version 4.1.5 - November 30, 2017 (expand all)

    1. Added a technician preference to adjust the width of a ticket title on the landing page for smaller resolutions.
    2. Added tooltips to some technician preferences to better indicate their functionality.
    3. The change history has been added to the top navigation under settings.
  • FIXED:
    1. Issue on the landing page where modification dates for Swap Tickets were inaccurate.
    2. Issue on the landing page where if a Linked Technician did not have tickets in an instance of a Helpdesk the name of the Helpdesk was missing.
    3. Issue in ticket details where the building and room were lost if a district requestor was added to a ticket.
    4. Issue in ticket details where the building and room were lost if a district requestor was added to a ticket.

Version 4.1.0 - November 26, 2017 (expand all)

    1. All tables now have paging buttons to navigate between the first or last page of listed items.
    2. Ticket view history is viewable in the Ticket's Actions section. View the last time a technician, client, or other Helpdesk (for swap tickets) has last viewed the ticket.
    3. Added the ability to clone a ticket, hardware, or software item from their respective detail pages.
    4. Added a notification under the action details to whether a technician is an additional technician on the ticket.
    5. Editing Actions   (more)
    6. Hardware/Software Templates   (more)
    7. Personal Templates   (more)
    8. New Technician Preferences   (more)
    9. Landing Page 'Sticky Columns'   (more)
    10. All notifications sent from the Helpdesk utilize HTML instead of plain text.
    11. File Attachments attached to tickets can now be shared/unshared with other Helpdesks through a swap ticket.
    12. Attached links can now be edited in addition to being deleted.
    13. The ticket actions list now retains its state per browser, Helpdesk instance, and user (including if 'Toggle Change Summaries' is 'on').
    14. Improved Responsiveness on the landing page.
    15. Updated action buttons in the ticket actions section.
    16. Landing Page tickets update 'silently' and will now retain table settings when checking for updates.
    17. A Ticket's actions will update 'silently' and will now retain table settings when checking for updates.
    18. When Downloading file attachments, the original file name is used instead of the Helpdesk generated one.
    19. *The Admin Settings page has been restructured to allow for expanded settings.
    20. *New Site Settings   (more)
  • FIXED:
    1. Issue where clearing the Hardware Search form or results would not work.
    2. Issue where printing a ticket would give an error that indicated the page had not completely loaded on some mobile devices.
    3. Issue where contract login system would sometimes fail to load depending on the user logged in.
    4. Issue where the technician login would not enforce case sensitivity.

Version 4.0.57 - September 22, 2017 (expand all)

    1. Added 'Created By' and 'Closed By' as search criteria in the ticket search/export.
    2. Change Summaries now indicate when a requestor has been notified of an action.
    3. Added the Asset Tag Field in the 'Bulk Edit Hardware' section.
    4. Added required ( * ) stars to all required fields.
    5. Success/Error notifications now appear at the top of the page instead of embedding in the pages.
    6. Improved responsive design of the web interface and updated layouts across the tool.
    7. *Removed the 'Group Folder' and 'Allow Grouping' fields in the Support Groups Admin.
  • FIXED:
    1. Issue where highlighting a closed ticket was overriding a recently modified ticket in the ticket search/export.
    2. Issue where the 'Cancel' button was broken when adding links to a knowledgebase article.
    3. Issue with the contract system bouncing users back to the login screen after a short time.
    4. Issue where a ticket would not update when using the billable section.
    5. Issue where notifications sent to Additional Technicians would show the incorrect technician that modified a ticket.
    6. *Issue where sometimes during an Active Directory Sync a requestor was not updated due to a date mismatch.
    7. *Issue where it would not allow editing of certain Contract Sub-Types.
    8. *Issue where adding/updating many items in the admin would slow down the page.
    9. Other various bugs.

Version 4.0.0 - July 22, 2017 (expand all)

    1. Moved Search, Reports, and Export into one pull down menu in the top navigation labeled ‘Searchables’.
    2. Renamed the 'Assigned To' in ticket and ticket templates to 'Primary Technician' (This is different than a linked primary technician).
    3. Inventory System   (more)
    4. Updated and expanded Ticket Swapping   (more)
    5. Single Sign On/Linked Technicians   (more)
    6. Technician Dashboard   (more)
    7. Additional Technicians   (more)
    8. Technician Active/Away Status   (more)
    9. *Custom Form ID is now listed in the custom forms table in the Administration Section.
    10. *Ticket Templates are grouped by type in the templates table in the Administration Section.
    11. *Projects can be added from the Administration Section.
    12. *Site Settings   (more)
  • FIXED:
    1. Various Bugs.